I’m Raymond “Ray” Hartle. I’m 56, married to Belinda and the father of Heathcliff and Rebecca. I’m from the Eastern Cape, South Africa. I’m a writer.

I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy in 2007 – see the details in a related post – and have been on medication to manage this.

However, my heart ejection rate was recorded at 10 percent in August 2016 – reflecting end stage heart failure – and doctors proposed a heart transplant be done as soon as possible, alternatively an artificial heart pump be installed. I’ve temporarily relocated to Cape Town to finalise treatment for my heart condition.

On October 11 I received a donor heart in a transplant procedure.

I started working as a journalist with the Daily Dispatch in East London in 1984 and, after 10 years as a reporter and a couple of months after South Africa’s democratic elections, exited newspapers to work in corporate communications.

Writing remains a first love – this blog is partly to give expression to that, telling my story of the journey to and living with congestive heart failure, and receiving a donor heart. It’s also about sharing knowledge on the prevention and treatment of heart disease, healthcare solutions and the protocols that facilitate or retard them.

The public’s need for relevant information is increasingly important in an era of rising mortality rates due to heart illness. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts about a post in the comments section or send me an email.