I’m Ray Hartle. 


I’m a writer from the Eastern Cape, South Africa, an MA in sociology and a continuing student.

I’ve worked in journalism and corporate communications in both the private and public sectors for almost four decades. Some of the life, professional and ethical principles I learnt early on, still define me now. 

I’m married to Belinda.


This site started as a means of sharing with loved ones, friends and associates the story of my journey – through cardiomyopathy, end stage heart disease towards transplantation, and the blessings and challenges of now living with a donor heart.

It’s a repository for much of my journalism – news and feature writing, and opinion pieces.

It’s also a platform to share information about health issues and where I critique South Africa’s bifurcated healthcare system – the policies underpinning it, the daily practices within it. Such critique must always be seen in the context of my own reliance on health technology, critical care and chronic medication, without which, I would not be alive.

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