DST and Heart Attacks

With no daylight saving time (DST) policy, South Africa is outside the purview of this research, which concludes more heart attacks occur immediately after the switchover to DST. Good pointers on how our bodies are impacted by social & environmental changes.





DST and Heart Attacks
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One thought on “DST and Heart Attacks

  • 29th March 2017 at 12:06 am

    Ray I salute you ! Not many of us live to share your experience with others.This makes one humble to realise what so many ,if not all of us ,take for granted.Everyone to a certain degree believe that it will never happen to them! Then the others blame everyone,even God, if it does happen to them.Why me?Being a medical doctor understand it maybe from a different persective.Become a donor today!!You may die but ,giving someone else a new lease in life on earth,must be the most unselfish gift that you will ever give after Christ died for us,so that we may set free from our sins and enjoy an eternal life hereafter.
    What a journey you and you family must have had!! Sharing this on a blog shows that you unselfish and trying to help others, instead of self pity.May you be an example to us all!! And outlive us all.Ray you starting a new life with a new heart.How exciting it must be! With your attitude I am sure you will change lots of other peoples lives.Long live the One Percent!!!

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